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Interior Design Through Space and Time

“I wish I could get my interior design sorted, but I just don’t have the time.”

Does this sound familiar to you? You’d really like to do something about your kitchen or your living room or bathroom (I mean, really like to do it), but life is too full. You simply don’t have time in your schedule to be meeting with an interior designer and going through a lengthy design process that requires regular input from you. It’s making you frustrated and annoyed.

Or maybe you want to work with an interior designer who lives far away from you (perhaps me?). You love their work (thank you!) and you feel they are a fabulous fit (I am). But how do you arrange to have meetings and work through a project together when they are so distant? They may even be in a different country.

You end up saying, “I wish I could, but I’m just too far away.” Again, you’re frustrated and annoyed.

Well, if either (or perhaps both) of those scenarios describes your situation, there is a solution. Provided the designer you want to work with is me.

eDécor—Virtual interior design

Sample mood board to highlight virtual interior design by Celene Collins

Sample mood board for US eDécor virtual interior design client

eDécor is my new online service that saves you time and money, and makes me available to you wherever you are in the world, whenever you need me. To be clear, this is more than just a Zoom call. No amount of marketing buzzwords could glam up a Zoom to make it come even close to what eDécor is.

So what is it?

eDécor is a hassle-free, all-inclusive online service that you can enjoy from your own home. In fact, from the very room you want to makeover. The initial meeting between us happens over the communication method of your choice (yes, even Zoom). But that’s just the start of a process that includes:

  • gathering ideas
  • drafting a design to suit your budget
  • a to-scale floor plan
  • room interior design ideas
  • a shopping list of products (tailored to what’s available to you locally)
  • an overview of paint colours (also tailored to what is available to you locally)
  • design notes for pulling the space together
  • a set number of hours for discussions and revisions
  • curating a fixed materials list and finishes (tailored to what’s available to you locally)
  • information you need to order your new pieces


And all of this work can be in the background after a 60-minute online meeting at a time convenient to you. In other words, you can tackle your busy schedule with peace of mind knowing that behind the scenes my team and I are working on a fabulous makeover for your space.

But there’s more. Because you might be thinking to yourself, “Do I have to put it all together myself once the design is done and I’ve ordered everything I need?” If you want to do that, yes. However, if you are already busy, the last thing you need is another job. Perhaps you’d prefer someone to come and do it all for you? We can arrange for people local to you to deliver and install everything that’s needed.

Interior design across space and time

Sample 3D floor plan by interior designer Celene Collins

3D floor plan for our US client

Because of the pandemic, we’ve become more used to having meetings online. In fact, I’d go so far as to say we have all become very proficient at them. Meetings over distance just aren’t a problem any more—even for something as personal as interior design.

Yet you might wonder how someone who doesn’t live where you live could have an understanding of your location, your property, your room and what would work for it. It’s true. I am not where you are. At least, I am not where you are physically. But, thanks to decades of experience, I am where you are in terms of design solutions.

When you’ve done something for over 20 years (suddenly I’m feeling old), there is very little that you won’t have experienced or seen. That’s the benefit of being a specialist. The best story I ever heard about specialist experience was about an elderly heart surgeon. He was well into his 80s. In fact, he wasn’t really a practising surgeon any more. Yet his colleagues, including some very experienced people, always wanted him in the operating theatre with them. The reason? They knew that if they ever ran into a problem they had never encountered before, their elderly colleague would have, and would know what to do.

I’m not a heart surgeon, but I’m confident my designs will win your heart. And many years spent designing hundreds of different spaces gives me the confidence to say I can help turn your room into a magnificent space that meets your tastes and requirements—wherever the room is in the world.

How eDécor virtual interior design works

3D render of the bedroom for our US eDécor client

We offer five starting points to help you begin your journey towards a sumptuous room. You can either choose from four fixed packages, or you can start by filling out an online questionnaire and we will follow up with recommendations.

At the end of all the fixed packages, you’ll end up with a final room design, a floor plan layout, a colour palette, a shopping list and a simple 3D model of the final room design. You’ll have an hour-long online consultation with me and unlimited access to me via direct messaging. All of which fits round your schedule for maximum flexibility and ease.

The cherry on top? We’ve kept the package prices very affordable, leaving more room in your budget for the fixtures and furnishings.

So whether it’s time, distance or cost that is stopping you from getting in touch with me to help give your space(s) a makeover, eDécor is the solution.

Let’s create the space you deserve.