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Clients living in the Cork area can benefit from our personal interior design expertise when they engage our team to work on their residential project.

This is the perfect option for those with a blank canvas new build, or a significant renovation project. We specialise in houses that need a new direction, a major transformation, a change of layout and structural alterations.

Or perhaps your space simply needs an update. With a growing family, or children that have left the nest, your requirements change and evolve. We can help your space evolve in pace with your needs.

Tell us about your dream home and then watch us make it a reality.

The Process

We’ll begin with your brief. Whether your project is a new build, or the home you’ve lived in for years, achieving decoration that gives you what you need from the space can be an overwhelming task. That’s where we come in.

At Celene Collins Interior Architecture & Design, we know that the client’s hopes and needs are at the heart of any project. We will take the time to get to know you and to truly understand your vision. We are committed to ensuring that each design is an authentic reflection of the aspirations and requirements of the client.

Our team are experienced in all aspects of interior design services. We will take the time to learn about your personal style, whether you prefer contemporary or traditional, modern or period homes. Taking into account your time frame, budget, and any structural or administrative requirements, we will visit your space and start to form a direction for the project.

Once you have approved our bespoke designs, we will help you transform your home through our personalised one-to-one service. Through site visits, as well as regular communication, Celene is there to support you throughout the process and help you create a beautiful home you’re proud to live in.

Interior Architecture

We can help you re-imagine your space. From floor plan optimisation to room layouts, lighting plans to kitchen and bathroom design, we know how to get the most out of your interior architecture. Our interior schemes include everything, down to the transformative details. We select doors, ironmongery, fireplaces, and balustrades. We then coordinate their installation with the architects and builders.

Bathroom Planning

Bathrooms are one of the most important spaces in the home. Whether you have a compact ensuite, or a spacious family bathroom, a design that includes all the key elements as well as ample storage can be tricky to get just right. Celene’s interior design expertise can help with planning your bathroom, from the initial layout right through to the accessories. We engage trusted and experienced tradespeople to install flooring, lighting, plumbing and tiling – achieving the beautiful results you want, fast.

Colour Consultation

A colour scheme that flows throughout your space can be one of the hardest interior design goals. From colour cards to wallpaper swatches and paint samples, there is infinite choice when it comes to tones and shades. But it usually takes an expert to see which colours will work best.

Celene can help you understand the interplay between the natural light available at different times of day, and the colour palette that will compliment your décor. Celene’s colour consultation service provides you with a tasteful scheme to use throughout your house, without the stress.

Layout Solutions

We pride ourselves on providing innovative layout solutions, using the very latest in visualisation software to craft truly bespoke designs for every client.

Our cutting-edge approach allows us to create immersive 3D representations, enabling clients to visualise their transformed spaces with stunning accuracy – an experience that turns dreams into reality.

Room by Room Interior Design Ideas

If you don’t need to renovate your entire house, but just want ideas for a specific room, Celene’s individual room design service is for you. She can turn her expert eye to any space in your home, from hallways to dining rooms, bedrooms to nurseries. Celene will provide you with a wealth of ideas to turn your humdrum corner into a luxurious retreat. Give your favourite room a makeover with Celene.

Window Dressing and Window Treatments

Beautiful interior design lives in the details, and having the right curtains or blinds can add the final polish to your newly decorated room.

From fabrics and textures to colours and patterns, window hardware to mounts and poles, window dressing presents a bewildering array of choices. Celene will guide you to dress your windows in a style that compliments and enhances the rest of your décor.


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