3d Visualisation

Bringing your dream spaces to life before your eyesExperience the power of 3D Rendering

Embrace the future of design at Celene Collins Interior Design, where our state-of-the-art 3D visualisation services bring your project to life with stunning photorealism, allowing you to experience the full potential of our design creations.

Residential design clients can benefit from:

  • 3D house modelling – landscape gardens images – fully rendered images showing bespoke pieces.
  • Exterior and interior animations and walkthroughs – hyper-realistic images

Commercial clients can receive:

  • Interactive interior virtual reality – modelling assets – hyper realistic external images – walk-through animation – photo montage of their finished space

You will never need to worry about what your finished project will look like – because you won’t need to wait to see it. We can build it for you in advance: virtually.

Experience everything from your colour scheme to your improved layout. Superior visualisation technology allows you to step inside your design and view the very smallest of details – from door handles to curtain poles. Celene Collins’ 3D interior design service shows you your design so vividly, it’s like you’re already there.

Why choose 3D interior design?

For many years, we have used mood boards to help clients visualise their space. However, while clients will enjoy the artistic feel of a mood board, they may struggle to apply it to the reality of their environment.

3D imaging takes mood boards to the next level and eliminates any doubts before committing to a design. On paper, it can be hard to imagine how different elements of the plan combine to create a unified area. But with 3D technology, the client can step inside their new space, months before the build begins, to ensure they are happy with each and every detail. This allows clients to play a far more active role in the design process, and allows us to stress-test a design, ensuring the greatest customer satisfaction.

Our 3D visualisation service is perfect for clients who:

  • Want to feel confident in their choices, in advance
  • Struggle to visualise changes in layout
  • Would like to experience different layout ideas
  • Would like to try out different styles in their rooms before choosing a final design
Visualisation by Celene Collins
Visualisation by Celene Collins

How it works

Get in touch today to begin your 3D design journey.

We will ask you to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire, so that we can get to know you and your project, your hopes and aspirations for the space.

We will enquire about the practical demands on your space, as well as your style preferences, your time-scale, and your budget.

Our team will provide answers to any questions you have about the 3D visualisation process. Make an enquiry today to find out if 3D visualisation and design could give you the interior design solutions you’ve been looking for.


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