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At Celene Collins Interiors, we understand how difficult it can be to truly finish a project. A lot of our clients struggle with adding those important finishing touches to their home. We see it time and time again. Undertaking a project alone is no easy task and even though they may have made great process with their build or renovation, they often feel it didn’t quite work out as well as they imagined. They’re often not sure what is missing or can’t quite put their finger on it. At this stage they can become a little disappointed, overwhelmed, nervous about decisions or just lose the energy needed to go that extra step to achieve the look they originally dreamed about.

This is where we shine. Our Finishing Touches Service is the answer. We use our years of experience and talents to ‘pull it all together’. We have everything you need to add those little touches to elevate your space. Whether it’s art, soft furnishings or accessories, our service is key for tying a room’s design together, making your space look right and most importantly, feel right.

How it works?

After consulting with you and understanding your unique style and preferences, we step back and figure out what’s lacking or missing in your space. We start by coordinating colour palettes that we know you’ll love. We will talk about rugs, customised designer scatter cushions/throws, art and accessories.

We can create bespoke pieces such as mirrors in any size to suit your space, we provide a huge range of accessories from Vases, Table Books, Trays etc. to add that designer look; just like the magazines or show homes that draw us in.

This service sometimes comes long after you move in and although you might feel too much time has passed, it hasn’t. We believe that time is needed to get used to your space, to understand where the natural light moves, to identify favourite spots or where your family tend to gather most.

Our service includes everything needed to elevate your space including photo frames and beautiful art from our wide range of carefully selected partnerships. We coordinate your space and selections with you.

Simply take the first step and get in touch with us.

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Reveal Time!

If required, we can also arrange a ‘Reveal Day’. We love this service! Our team will arrive at your home together with all of your chosen selections. We hang, co-ordinate, stage and arrange your bespoke items and accessories in your space. It makes for a very special welcome when you arrive back!

We will make your space feel not only complete, but like home.


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