Terms & Conditions

Formation of Contract

  1. These are Terms and Conditions of our Services proposed by Celene Collins Interiors or CCID. These form part of the services as set out in your attached Fee & Service Proposal and are to begin upon the agreed date for the duration of the agreed period at an agreed fee based on the requirement needs.
  2. CCID terms as stated here, and will remain unaffected by the Name of your Package, Commencement Date , Duration or Contact agreed with you and your principle contractor.
  3. All terms outlined applicable to your chosen service with Celene Collins Interiors, ( CCID ) and you (the Client) will apply with acceptance of these T&Cs in writing or are also deemed acceptable by receipe of the 1st instalment paid
  4. Payment deposit or an instalment without signed T&C’s or a confirmation email that you accept these T&C’s, is also deemed a full acceptance of all that is applicable here and that you fully understand the T&Cs before payment and are happy to proceed.
  5. To ensure that you fully understand, please read the terms and conditions carefully outlined below.
  6. These T&Cs are applicable across all our services regardless of your type of service/package/duration or price quoted.

CCID-Design & Scope of work

  1. CCID, have been retained to provide a one off service or a tailored package especially for your needs, requirements and budget.
  2. There will have been options discussed with you to include or exclude some services that we offer, and it is important that you are 100% happy with the tailored package offered to you. What it includes and doesn’t include and that it fits your needs. However, we are happy to price and include any additions charges as the project evolves. Please see Exclusions that apply
  3. CCID T&C’s forms part of any 1. one-off e-design 2. tailored flat fee services 3. Furniture Rental 4. Home Staging and must be read in conjunction with your individual fee proposal which will be sent to you separately.
  4. These following exclusions apply., Unless otherwise stated that they are included in your estimate – Vat, Project Management,, Installation of any works, Elevations , 3D Rendering images or videos, All types of CAD measured drawings, CAD Floor plans, Shopping lists , Excess of 3 revisions
  5. CCID are not general contractors and will not act in such capacity. Any issues or instructions concerning construction elements must be discussed and instructed between the owner and his/her Principal Contractor, Engineers or Architect.
  6. The Scope is outlined and agreed to before the project begins if changed there will be subject to additional costs in addition to those in your Fee Proposal. (Costs will be notified in advance before proceeding).
  7. CCID will endeavour to advice the client of the predicted timescale of works (Phase2 if applicable). All such dates shall be approximate only and Celene Collins Interiors & Design cannot be held responsible for delays that are outside their control.
  8. CCID role (If Phase2 is applicable to your service) is to co-ordinate Third Party services , firms or individuals (Third Party suppliers) to undertake certain work for the client, such as decorating, building work, carpet fitting, curtain and blind manufacturing and fitting and other such work as confirmed by CCID and as agreed to in the Scope of Works that form part of your Estimate. If phase 2 begins ahead of what has been recommended it may cause delays for builders in lead times especially Tiles & Sanitary Ware , Flooring & Furniture as these are not kept as stock items in shops at all times and may need to be ordered.
  9. Espically when using e-design services note the following important information.

    CCID have strict working hours and are Mon-Friday 9am-5pm (closed for lunch 1-2pm) with the exception of Bank Holidays. Most appropriate contact method is via email or phone call to speak directly to the Designer. Please do not leave voice mails, What’s App or Text messaging services as these are not deemed appropriate in relation to Design Matters. No guarantee can be made if instructions are delivered in ways other than an email.

E-Design Services/ Online or Remote Consultations & Personal Shopping LIsts

  1. Please provide as much detail in your Questionnaire and specific information along with photos so that our design package can match your requirements & to avoid disappointment. Sometimes we may have to clarify information with you., and will need to submit further Questionnaires. Please respond as quickly as possible to any clarification requests as failure to do so will result in your design taking longer.
  2. Our Questionnaire must be completed in full as it gives us a very good idea of your likes, dislikes and requirements which we need to know to fulfil your requests.
  3. Because interior design is such a personal and subjective service, it may arise that you do not like a particular element of your design. To ensure we understand your style, it is important that you answer the questionnaire as truthfully and with as much detail as possible. If this happens, we are happy to revise the concept, but we cannot completely re-work a design or refund payment or part thereof.
    Open plan spaces are considered to be multiple rooms for the purpose of our Interior Design Virtual/Online Services e.g., the design of an open plan kitchen , dining and living room will be charged on the basis of three rooms and may require a separate questionnaire for each room -if desired.
  4. The price and availability of each product etc. Will be accurate at the time of completion of your design. We cannot however guarantee the price or the availability of any item over time. We recommend that you order your items as soon as possible once your design is received to avoid disappointment. We can only recommend an alternative item in this instance. We will always offer items under our partnerships as these have taken a long time to build up so that we can offer a personal shopping experience to our clients. It is these items that are purchased through ourselves come under our responsibility and cannot be returned unless they are damaged as they have been specially selected for you under our Personal Shopping Service and style and quality have been matched especially for you.
  5. Prices for products and furniture do not include delivery or assembly unless otherwise stated. We do not procure or arrange delivery of items nor do we any responsibility for the condition or the quality of any goods or furniture that are ordered through third party suppliers.
  6. We do not include the cost for labour in our schemes, e.g., painting, wallpapering, laying of fillers, fitting lights, fabrication of curtains etc… we also do not include for material or tools required to carry out such tasks, e.g., wallpaper paste, wall filler, tools etc in the Design Boards.
  7. We are happy to provide you with a list of tried and trusted trades that can carry out any work for you should you decide to over-see the makeover yourself. We cannot always guarantee the exact colour of a product or finish due to the quality of brochures difference in web browsers etc. For wallpapers, furniture etc. We recommend that you view the product in-store or request a sample of your product or finish before you purchase it, if you have any concerns.
  8. We always recommend you test a sample of all paint colours before you use as they can vary considerably depending on underlying colour, natural light etc.

Client Obligations

  1. The Client shall ensure that the property is accessible to Trades that form part of the project under the project management role of CCID, and any other third-party suppliers providing services throughout the duration of the works.
  2. The client will ensure that utilities such as electricity and water are available for use at the property throughout the works and will no cost to CCID.
  3. No additions or changes to the Design/Scope are to be discussed or added with Trades on site. All instructions are to go through CCID to ensure programme efficiency.
    The client is to ensure they are satisfied with all design matters that will be signed off by one-party to CCID.

Purchasing of Products

  1. 1.As part of the scope CCID may be required to purchase products for the client from TRADE ONLY accounts in addition to the scope of work already proposed. In such cases, full payment of the agreed purchase price is required from the Client prior to ordering/purchasing the agreed products. Credit card charges may apply for certain credit card payments to cover.
  2. As selection of goods bought through Trade accounts cannot be physically seen or touched before selected, they are hand selected and for the client as the Designer is familiar with the size and the quantity of the item and it is deemed suitable for your style and budget. Once delivered, and unless the goods are damaged there is no return or refund, if you don’t like it or have a change of mind. If the goods are damaged the Designer must be informed immediately and delivered/returned to our office without delay.
  3. As part of our role we will help the client source suitable furniture in line with the agreed style and budget etc… These items that are ordered and paid for by the client will remain the responsibility of the client CCID are not responsible for any omissions in the delivery process/delivery, problems arising over delays, breakages etc.
  4. Any delays or issues around CCID being available to for these items bought directly outside the pre-agreed. For the designer this is included in part of the Estimate.
  5. Only those bought solely through CCID under their trade relationships/accounts will be the full responsibility of CCID.

Contractual Relationship

  1. The client contractual relationship is with Third Party suppliers and will be responsible for managing these relationships and any financial settlements direct with Third Party suppliers.
  2. If so required CCID may coordinate the services and financial settlements with the Third-Party suppliers on their behalf, as part of their service undertaken, but the client will remain ultimately responsible for the contractual relationship with the Third-Party supplier.
  3. CCID is not responsible for forming any new contractual relationships on behalf of the client entered into the design or scope after the beginning of the project.

Payment and Billing terms

  1. The charges for the service are set out in your Proposal accompanying these terms and conditions or as amended or updated by CCID and communicated to the client. If the scope of works is amended this may immediately impact the works and will result in an adjustment to the fee in the proposal with immediate effect.
  2. If paying by Cheque these should be made payable to Celene Collins Interiors & Design or payment can be made online by bank transfer or payment can also be made by personal debit or credit card.
    (This is subject to additional transaction charges)
  3. Bank details are outlined on the invoice. When making the payment online the details should be accompanied by the INVOICE NUMBER. Not quoting the invoice number may result in an invoice reminder being generated incorrectly and/or delay to the ordering of any material or furniture pieces.
  4. All payments to CCID, are due immediately upon presentation of invoice, except where otherwise agreed.
  5. Should Celene Collins Interiors have to instruct a debt recovery agency, or instigate legal proceedings, the client will be liable for any costs incurred.

Terminations and cancellation Policy

  1. The client has the right to cancel this contract at any time up to the end of seven working days after the day on which Celene is issued.
  2. To exercise the right of cancellation the client must give written notice to CCID via email to info@celenecollins.com
  3. Once the client has notified CCID that the client is cancelling their contract with their reasons, CCID will reserve the right to discuss those actions via email with the client before agreeing to warrant any refund.
  4. A delay by either party in acting on a breach of this contract will not be regarded as a waiver breach. If either party waives a breach of the contract by the other, the waiver is limited to the particular breach.
  5. Termination of contract will not affect either party’s outstanding rights or duties, including Celene Collins interiors rights to recover any money owed under these terms and conditions.


  1. Celene Collins Interiors shall have no Liability to the client for any loss, damage, cost, expenses or any other claims of compensation arising from any information or instruction supplied by the client, which is or are incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate.
  2. Celene Collins interiors shall not be liable to the client for any unforeseeable loss or damage arising from the provision (or non-provision) of the Services, including loss of profit or consequential loss or damage.
  3. Neither Celene Collins Interiors, nor the client shall be liable for any failure to perform its duties under this Contract due to circumstances out of their control, including without limitation to flood, fire, or Covid 19 related closure or otherwise adverse weather conditions.
  4. To enable Celene Collins Interiors to deal with any complaints that may arise relating to the Services, the client must provide full details of the complaint within seven days of supply of the relevant service.
  5. Nothing in these terms and conditions affects any liability for death or personal injury caused by Celene Collins interiors negligence or for fraudulent misrepresentation or the clients right as a consumer.

Data Protection

  • Celene Collins Interior & Design will not use any personal information provided by the Client for any purpose.
  • We have taken every measure to prevent internet fraud and ensure data collected from you is stored as securely as possible. However, we cannot be liable in the event of a breach in our secure computer servers.


  1. In the copyright design right and all other intellectual property rights in any materials and other documents or items prepared or produced for the client by or on behalf of Celene Collins Interiors & Design in connection with the services shall belong to Celene Collins Interiors & Design absolutely and any such materials, documents or items shall be or remain the sole property of Celene Collins Interiors & Design.
  2. Celene Collins Interiors & Design shall be permitted to use photographs of the Clients property which demonstrates the Services provided by Celene Collins Interiors & Design for its own marketing purpose.
  3. The client shall be entitled to use any such materials, documents or other items as referred to in 10.1 in connection with the services but shall not be entitled to copy such items or use them for any commercial purpose.
  4. In accessing the website you agree that you will access the content solely for your personal, non-commercial use.


  1. CCID, may assign or sub-contract the Contract if this is necessary for Operational reasons or in connection with a business transfer or reorganisation. Otherwise the contract is not transferable by either party.
  2. These terms and conditions and the Contract will be subject to Irish Law and the Irish Courts will have jurisdiction in respect of any dispute arising from the contract.